Hydra raw data access

I’m looking for a way to get information from hydra about jobsets. Specifically, sometimes I’m up for some fixing of some broken builds and would like to find out where the best time investment is. One way to look at that is: which build failure blocks most other packages?

But this is hard to answer apart from sampling a few grey results and hoping to see a patterns. I don’t want to scrape the results in a naive way since the frontend is not very fast. Is there any other way to access that data? Any API I’m missing?

There’s GitHub - nix-community/nix-review-tools: WIP tooling [maintainer=@samueldr] that got used for past zero-hydra-failure efforts. It generates a HTML report that ranks broken packages by number of dependees.

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There’s a public instance indexing some important branches: Nix Review Tools Reports | Automatically generated reports for Hydra jobsets using nix-review-tools. Updated hourly.

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