I get the error: attribute 'intputs' missing when I run home-manager switch

hi I am trying to install webcord but it’s giving me this error where it says “error: attribute ‘inputs’ missing” everytime I do home-manager switch what could’ve gone wrong here
here is my home.nix
and here is my flakes
and here is the error code

I am waiting for a response

I use home-manager as a nixos module, not standalone, so I’m not familiar with the home-manager tool’s CLI, but I suspect you’re not actually using your home-manager config as a flake, but just using the home.nix normally, so the inputs arg isn’t present. At any rate, you’ve done it correctly in terms of what’s in those files.

but I’ve already added all the required variables for home-manager to work with flakes yet I still get this error
also the result would probably be the same if I use it as a module

Well, all I can tell you is that what you have pasted looks fine. It’s not the nix code, so it’s probably how you’re invoking it.