İ lose connection for 30 sec with iwd

I would like to use iwd to connect internet. Where i connect is hidden and NetworkManager fails to connect to it. İm on Wayfire.

Sometimes i lose connection for 30 sec with iwd then it reconnects but no people wants it.

could you try wpa_supplicant?

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I can but i loved iwd much more and im testing iwd with my new settings. Its working well for now. Im going to share these settings if it passes testing period.

Could you share the settings, in case someone has the same issue later and stumble on this thread :slight_smile:

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i have tested it for 2 days, i think its about iwgtk.
iwgtk -i
this command makes work iwgtk at background and when it happens i have significantly less issues. From 30 sec it has reduced to a few miliseconds, which is acceptable.