If i do sudo grub-mkconfig I get:

hi everyone, I am back to nixos so my problem is

that OS - PROBER is disabled, but in nixos I cannot
find those grub config files to reenable osprober


where to find it? My Windows boot should be detected and included.
Any ideas ? Thx in advance… : - )

Did you try setting boot.loader.grub.useOSProber to true?

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yeah thnx, just derived it from some other posts.
I gues I just need to reboot, then ?
of course after doing: sudo nixos-rebuild switch --show-trace

BTW no grub-customizer here around it seems ?

you were right:

Found Windows 10 on /dev/sdc1
activating the configuration...
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I don’t use grub but I am not sure how you could make grub-customizer declarative.

thx, still not a big issue : - )

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so far so good now, looks very good, need Win10 for DCS gaming : - ) no linux version for that
othervise very good simulation( game ) :grinning:

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