Import the mailing list?



$ curl -sf | perl -n -e'/ (\d+) KB/ && print "$1\n"' | awk '{s+=$1} END {print s " KB"}'
10729 KB


Weird, I have two torrents seeding from different States. Was able to upload from one to the other as a test.

I didn’t want to commit an 11 MB file to the repo.

I’m not familiar with IPFS or Git LFS. I installed IPFS and tried to upload the archive, @apeyroux. I was able to use the following command to retrieve it.

ipfs get -o nix-dev-mailing-list-2004-2017.tar /ipfs/QmPppdYKjHhp8qgueQampBdNchCS59k2TRAii7gQG8B3Y7

Let’s see if that works. Will read up on Git LFS and see if I can get that to work, too.


Thanks, I could download it

mkdir nix-dev && cd "$_" && ipfs cat /ipfs/QmPppdYKjHhp8qgueQampBdNchCS59k2TRAii7gQG8B3Y7 | tar -xv

or get and pin .tar

ipfs get --output=nix-dev-mailing-list-2004-2017.tar /ipfs/QmPppdYKjHhp8qgueQampBdNchCS59k2TRAii7gQG8B3Y7


Is there a way to also migrate subscriptions? or at least send out invitation.


It can be useful: Generate an invite link but don’t send an email


Oh, that’s awesome, thank you!


I found that tool. Can it be useful?


If someone is interested, I’m downloading the old mailing list in text mode.