Inadvertent touchpad double-clicks

I am running NixOS on a Framework laptop and occassionally a double-click is registered when I perform a single-click on the touchpad.

On a cold boot, there is no issue. The problem only seems to show up later, usually days later. It doesn’t seem to be related to any software I am running. I usually keep open all the apps that I use day-to-day, then all of a sudden I get the phantom double-clicks. It is not related to suspend or hibernate, because it will sometimes show up before I suspend or hibernate. A cold boot temporarily fixes the problem.

I have had 4 replacement keyboards sent to me, so I don’t think it is hardware related.

Any ideas what is causing this? Any ideas for a solution?

I’m running a Framework with an X-server and i3, with the following options:

    services.xserver.libinput.enable = true;
    services.xserver.libinput.touchpad.naturalScrolling = true;
    services.xserver.libinput.touchpad.scrollMethod = "twofinger";
    services.xserver.libinput.touchpad.tapping = true;

and also the NixOS hardware module (

  imports = [nixosHardware.nixosModules.framework];

And I don’t have the problem you describe. Are you using the same configurations?

The full source code of my framework is at in case it helps, particularly the “ui” and “controllers” modules

Yes, I have similar settings as you, although the main difference, which relates to my problem, is that I have

services.xserver.libinput.touchpad.tapping = false;

And my problem occurs when I am clicking the touchpad.

Is there a systemd service related to the touchpad that I could restart when I am having problems to see if it is software related?

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