Including Ghcide in Reflex-Platform's nix-shell

Hey all,

I’m trying to convert my standalone nix and haskell configuration to a nix configuration which builds a haskell front-end and back-end using the reflex-platform’s provided nix framework. My previously working nix configuration where I could create a nix-shell and run cabal build is reproduced at the following link:

I was able to transition my configuration to the reflex-platform framework, so that my front-end and back-end will build within nix-shell using cabal. I used this repository as a starting place for the migration:

I cannot figure out how to migrate the “ghcide” package from my existing nix code so that it is available within nix-shell using reflex-platform’s “shellToolOverides” attribute.

When running “nix-shell -A shells.ghc” with the following nix configuration:

I receive an error stating that the attribute “callHackageDirect” is not found. I tried calling with “callHackage” which is available, but the pinned set from reflex-platfrom does not contain a working version of “ghcide”.

I’m running ubuntu 18.04, nix (Nix) 2.1.2.

Could anyone help me figure out how to include the “ghcide” executable within my nix shell in the context of reflex-platform?

Thanks in advance for any assistance, this is my first post, apologies if I’m missing any information!

Do you know the obelisk framework ?

I have not used it. I’m using servant and beam for a database in my project, and previously when I looked at obelisk I had thought that it had its own opinionated database offering.

Do you think that switching to obelisk would help resolve this issue? I can give it a shot.

There is an ongoing issue about ghcide integration.