Inconsistent /dev/sdX devices across reboots

None of my disks remain the same across reboots. I have two HDDs and one SSD, and they randomly become /dev/sda-b-c across reboots, it’s annoying.
The system boots and runs normally because I’m using LVM on LUKS, and those volumes are referred by UUID, but anything else that I need to mount manually later on, I have to look up the partition name every time.

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AFAIK this has been the normal behaviour on linux for a long time, to have persistent names you can use the different entries under /dev/disk, where you have UUIDs, labels, device paths, etc.

Alternatively you can define your own udev rules, but you’d probably be recreating the same links that already exist under /dev/disk, just in non-standard locations.

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Well, on this same machine, on any other distro, they remain consistent. The only difference is that on NixOS I have full disk encryption enabled.

AFAIK it’s been like this ever since I started using linux.
The Arch wiki mentions the same thing, as does the RHEL documentation.

It’s not unusual for device names to remain consistent basically by coincidence, but it should never be relied on. So it’s a tad odd that NixOS is the only distro where it isn’t consistent, but not very odd, and you shouldn’t be relying on that anyway.