Installing Nix packagemanager on MACos confusion

Hey I am trying to get started with the package manager. So this was a first time install on my macos m1 venture 13.0.1 machine.
I followed the script without any issues like the other youtube guides with no errors or anyhting.
Everything looks fine and a nix volume is shown in finder.
Problem: The nix commands dont work. Neither in bash nor zsh. But in all the tutorials this should work after isntalling the script and I have no real starting point to what went wrong as the script installed fine.
I am unsure to what meta information to include therefore.
I am also available to any help through discord if needed.

Thanks to everyone helping.

The install script adds a shell hook to your shell init files (/etc/bashrc, /etc/zshrc) which, among other things, adds nix to your PATH.

If you’ve started a new shell session and nix isn’t on PATH, your own shell init files likely hard-set a PATH that doesn’t include Nix after Nix’s shell hook runs. (most likely in your user’s init files, like ~/.bashrc, ~/.zshrc, etc.)