Installing NixOS minimal on Odroid H3+

I’m trying a minimal install of the latest version of NixOS on an Odroid H3+. I can see the initial screen presenting the different options, and the “scrolling” text after the default timeout. However, shortly after the text is done scrolling, I see only a “green screen” (vertical green/blue lines) and am unable to view any useful information. I’m assuming I should be seeing a command prompt.

If anyone has any pointers, it would be appreciated. I did try some of the different video modes (720p, 1080p), but the same thing happened.

Is there a way to start a sshd daemon so that I could remote in?

Try booting with nomodeset in kernel cmdline (press tab or e in grub to see it)

As @misuzu already mentioned, nomodeset will help with any graphics driver issues. What you can also do, is to use the latest kernel which includes the latest hardware driver stack. You could build a custom image using nixos-generators with all the extra options you want such as your public ssh-key for root, openssh enabled (I think it is enabled by default in the installer image). You can find a tutorial on

Thank you, that did the trick!