Installing NixOS on OVH dedicated servers (the "lustrate" version)

Just a very brief post on how I installed NixOS on a 2020 OVH dedicated server:

EDIT: Since this link is broken, try Installing NixOS on OVH dedicated servers - Sridhar Ratnakumar

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Don’t want to be pendantic but hopefully this helps someone else- it’s not your server which has the interface name en4ps0 its the interface that has been assigned this name by the kernel. Search for he helpful option “usePredictableNames” (I think it’s network.interfaces.usePredictableNames)

Thanks, I’ve updated the post.

Are you sure it is network.interfaces.usePredictableNames? I can’t find it.

You can search for networking.usePredictableInterfaceNames in man configuration.nix. More infos there: PredictableNetworkInterfaceNames.

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