Installing NodeJS Packages for SVG Animation


Little bit of a double pronged question here sorry but at least half of it is related to NixOS :P.

I’m trying to find a CLI way of converting an SVG with SMIL animation into a rendered animated gif or video.

I found the following project which looks promising (GitHub - tungs/timecut: Node.js program to record smooth movies of web pages with JavaScript animations) however I’m having trouble installing it under NixOS.

I tried using node2nix, then building from the resulting files, however one of the dependencies downloads its own version of Chromium, which fails. It claims you can skip this download by setting an environment variable, however Ive been unable to find the correct way to do so (as well as point a different environment variable to a nix install of Chromium).

So my questions are as follows:

  • is anyone aware of an easier way to render SVG/SMIL to some other format
  • what are the “good practices” for installing node packages, specifically the one linked above

Thank you :slight_smile: