Installing on MacOS 11 Big Sur

Hey folks, I’m trying to install Nix on the new MacOS 11 (Beta 5).

I customised the default 2.3.7 install script to remove the MacOS 10 version restriction, which then complains about the root /nix folder. Which I tried to resolve by doing Introduction But I can’t get the firmlinks thing working. Because (1) apfs.util doesn’t have the -B anymore, which I resolved by just doing a reboot. And (2), sudo diskutil apfs addVolume diskX APFS ... complains about diskX not existing.

Any tips on proceding?

The X in diskX in should be replaced by a concrete number. I am currently not on a Mac, but IIRC you can get a list of disks with diskutil list

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Oh gotcha, that did it, thanks! :smile: