Installing upwork

Out of all apps its the upwork that i can’t install i just installed nix now though can show me on how to make it work

Which installer did you use for nix? (I’m assuming you have installed Nix on some other Linux distro, not NixOS)
If you have the flake-functionality enabled you can just run: nix search nixpkgs#upwork to launch the latest packaged version directly without explicit install.

Otherwise you can install using Nix like any other package manager (apt, yum, pacman,…) and install it with
nix-env -iA upwork, but be aware that updating will then be cumbersome if you install multiple programs that way.

I would recommend using Home Manager to define how your environment should look like.
There you would add pkgs.upwork to home.packages and then instruct home-manager to switch to the new configuration.

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Its nix gui installer no desktop its my first time on nix. i dont really know how to configure them like those things you said i just followed someone and installed apps using nix-shell ill try that later

Nix doesn’t have a “GUI installer”.

NixOS has.

And as wamserma said, adding pkgs.upwork to environment.systemPackages should suffice. But you also need to nixpkgs.allowUnfree = true; or if you care enough, a more restricted version in nixpkgs.allowUnfreePredicate that does only allow individual selected packages.

If though you are not on NixOS, please elaborate.

Though on non-NixOS-Linuxes I would probably prefer to use the hosts distribution upwork package, for its better system integrations.

Last but not least: I have no clue how well the integration is on NixOS and whether or not you can actually use the application to fullfil your “observability” requirements…

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Yes NixOs i mean, thanks guys