Intellij with Cursive plugin crashing when trying to open Repl


I hope someone can give me an idea of how to fix this issue. I am trying to use Intellij with the Cursive plugin (clojure development) but after I set the repl it just states “Calculating class path…” and the software becomes unresponsive. Here are some screen shots of the error (bottom of action bar):

When I open the program back up it shows the following error warning:

Error:Cannot run program “/nix/store/9qdxq6qrvypkwl23ss7cknhap5x2mdq1-idea-community-2019.2.1/idea-community-2019.2.1/jbr/bin/java” (in directory “/home/ben/.IdeaIC2019.2/system/compile-server”): error=2, No such file or directory

here was my quick repl setup (I have leningen installed):

I read some previous issues regarding Intellij and they say to user overlays, do I have to do the same? Sorry, I am too new to the java, clojure, and nixos world to debug this by myself.

Thank you!