Invalid path error while copying derivation

I’m trying to use nix copy to copy a derivation (from my own project) from one machine to another (with dependencies) using a USB stick.

On the source machine I run:

nix copy --to file:///mnt/usb-device /nix/store/<derivation-hash>.drv

This spends several minutes copying packages.

I then move the USB to the target computer.

I execute:

nix copy --from file:///mnt/usb-device /nix/store/<derivation-hash>.drv

This errors out with:

error: path '/nix/store/<derivation-hash>.drv' is not valid

I’m assuming this is because the target machine’s store/channel has no knowledge of this path. This is expected; the path is coming from the on-disk store/cache.

What is the correct way to do this?