Is google-chrome and chromium not running on kernel 5_4_hardened?

i tried using linux kernel_5_4_hardened then i couldn’t run google-chrome. I tried running chromium and it wouldn’t work. after I tried it in the terminal there was a message that the /sys/devices/blablabla… folder was not found. is this a bug?

I use the nixos-unstable channel
chromium & google-chrome Version 117.0.5938.88

Did you test the non-hardened kernel?

How did you try running chromium? (How was it installed?)

Did you do anything to this system after it booted (i.e. switched into a new generation)?

no problem on non hardened kernel.
i running chromium & chrome from terminal
chromium installed with configuration.nix and chrome installed with nix-env from regular user.
i run command nixos-rebuild boot then reboot into new generation

oke i found temporary solution, add option --no-sandbox if use hardened kernel.