Is it possible to review a linux derivation on darwin using nix-review?

I am trying to review a pull request on OSX of openconnect which so far is only supported on linux. For this I followed the guide here which uses nix-darwin and nix-docker to enable remote building.

Using that approach I am able to build openconnect for linux with:

nix-build --option build-use-sandbox true --argstr system x86_64-linux -A openconnect

If I try the same using:

nix-shell -p nix-review
nix-review pr --build-args="--builders ssh://root@nix-docker --argstr system x86_64-linux" 68780

nix-review just outputs: No packages were successfully build, skip nix-shell.

Why is that the case? Is nix-review automatically reading my OS settings and thus uses a darwin stdenv when running nix-shell -p nix-review? Consequently it would then just not build anything in the second step because there is a mismatch between the host OS (darwin) and the derivation’s target OS (linux).

Regarding my approach: Is using the --option build-use-sandbox true really taking any effect? I ask this because inside the nix-docker container’s nix.conf file the sandbox option is set to false. If I set this to true the build fails with a cloning permission error.

In general, what would be the best practice to review a linux pull request on darwin?

Thanks for reviewing my pull request ! I’m also in process of reviewing your too (feedback will come tomorrow).
I can’t help you with OSX unfortunately, but I can propose to rebase my pr on top of your so that you can test.