Is there a way i can know if my laptop motherboard/bios can boot a pen with NixOS ISO?


I have a laptop with 10 years, high end at the time, that i am trying to install NixOS Minimal ISO, however my USB pen drive never boots.

I have another pen, from a friend, with Ubuntu, that boots just fine.

After a couple of hours on this i am now trying to understand if does my laptop support NixOS or, if the problem is in the way im burning the ISO or even with my USB pen.

Could anyone help me, please ?

A big thanks in advance!

It is probably the way the ISO is burned to the USB. You can try, which can chainload ISOs.

I think the problem might be the USB pen that is too big, it’s got 128GB and the laptop is about 10 years old and might not be recognizing the USB pen. Ventoy looks awesome, but didn’t work!

Do you think this is possible? Is there anyway around it, that doesnt evolve getting another USB pen?

Thanks for your help!

ps. Do you know if it is possible to install NixOS on top of Ubuntu without a USB pen?

Probably, 10 years ago UEFI was still fairly new (or rather, Microsoft’s requirement for it was new) and motherboard bugs surrounding it were wild. Hell, they still are.

Yes, actually, some projects to do this exist:

Not sure if the latter can be used on bare metal, but I’m pretty sure nixos-anywhere will work.