Issue with thunderbird 115

I have an issue with thunderbird 115.

I added it to my configuration.nix in the user packages (I added thunderbirdPackages.thunderbird-115 and removed the original one thunderbird).

It seems to be installed but the only way to launch it is through terminal. It does not appear in my apps (I use gnome and it does not show in the search tool).

Any idea ?

You’re missing the wrapper. thunderbirdPackages.* are unwrapped variants. I assume you’re on 23.05, as on unstable/master you’d get 115 from just thunderbird attribute for several weeks already. I actually want to finally switch 23.05 to 115 as well.

The thunderbird package on 23.05 is version 102.14. That is why I tried the thunderbird-115. It is in version 115 for unstable branch.

I will wait for 23.11 to have it.

I’m a bit later, but now there’s a PR:

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Thanks for the info.

When it will be done for 23.05, how is it possible to have it ? sudo nixos-rebuild ? Actually I don’ t know how to update packages.

After it gets merged and propagates to channel, your nixos-rebuild will pick up the update, assuming that’s how you installed thunderbird.

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