Jetpack-nixos - NixOS module for NVIDIA Jetson devices

Hello everyone! We at Anduril are happy to open-source jetpack-nixos, which is a NixOS module that enables NixOS to run on NVIDIA Jetson devices.

Jetson devices are ARM-based devices which include Nvidia’s GPU technology and are commonly used for AI / machine learning applications on edge devices. The jetpack-nixos repository we’ve released packages components from Nvidia’s Jetpack SDK for use with NixOS, including:

  • Platform firmware flashing scripts
  • A 5.10 Linux kernel from NVIDIA, which includes some open-source drivers like nvgpu (built from source)
  • An EDK2-based UEFI firmware (built from source)
  • ARM Trusted Firmware / OP-TEE (could be built from source, but not yet implemented)
  • Additional packages for:
    • GPU computing: CUDA, CuDNN, TensorRT
    • Multimedia: hardware accelerated encoding/decoding with V4L2 and gstreamer plugins
    • Graphics: Wayland, GBM, EGL, Vulkan
    • Power/fan control: nvpmodel, nvfancontrol

If you’re interested in working on this as well as other problems in the embedded Linux / NixOS space, Anduril is hiring! Apply here and/or drop me an email at dfullmer -at-