[Job] Internal Tooling & SRE at NoRedInk - Nix, Haskell, k8s

NoRedInk makes software English teachers love. Since 2012 we’ve grown to millions of users, and we get paid directly from schools based on the quality of the product we’ve made. Our engineering team has been remote-first since 2016, with a time zone band between Pacific US Time and Central European Time.

We’re looking to hire an Internal Tooling and Site Reliability Engineer to improve developer experience and system stability. The position involves using Nix, Haskell, Docker, Kubernetes, and some Elm and Dhall.

More details in the job posting!


Unless something has changed in the last few months, Evan Czaplicki, the creator of Elm also works at NoRedInk.

@rtfeldman also is a great speaker, and has a lot of talks on youtube (usually about elm) https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=richard+feldman