Join us on Matrix at (Migrating from Freenode)

<Fuchs> Arathorn: I shall see that we can discuss it at the meeting this weekend, it’s not an easy decision since Matrix obviously has a fair share of freenode users and there were some issues with the bridge

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The matrix-bridged IRC channels could be “upgraded”/redirected to the new * rooms using custom events

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I am still waiting for a Matrix client that I can love, but I LOVE THIS NEWS. I am very very happy to see this move. Thanks for those that did the work to make this happen, and that probably were planning ahead of time and getting this ready.

My condolences too, to folks. I was never too big into the larger Freenode community, but I can sympathize with the hard feelings and sense of loss, especially as I read about some of the details. I hope LiberaChat flourishes as well!


In terms of bridging, I believe Pine64 uses GitHub - 42wim/matterbridge: bridge between mattermost, IRC, gitter, xmpp, slack, discord, telegram, rocketchat, twitch, ssh-chat, zulip, whatsapp, keybase, matrix, microsoft teams, nextcloud, mumble, vk and more with REST API (mattermost not required!) to bridge IRC, Discord, Telegram, and Matrix. My experience is very limited, but interacting with remote users on Discord was much better than my experiences with using Matrix.

I’ve made an RFC where we can discuss this major community change before making it official:


The wiki also needs an upgrade: Get In Touch - NixOS Wiki


What’s the best way to install (read: how did you install) weechat-matrix plugin on NixOS?


I’m seeing improvements happening every day, so your characterisation is not really accurate.

Ex-freenode staff and OFTC are working on a Charybdis-based ircd, Solanum. If I search for multiline in the Solanum repo, I can see it is getting support for the multiline spec.

Edit: just to continue a bit, at the start of 2021 I wrote a summary article on what happened in the second half of 2020 regarding IRC spec and software (still unpublished as I wanted to guest-post it in a particular place and delays ensued). I was frankly overwhelmed with the amount of IRC-related activity I was seeing on all fronts. Certainly covid-19 seemed to have an effect in boosting the intensity of development and old projects being resurrected.

Edit pt. 2: so I finally published the article after quickly setting up a personal blog site: IRC technology news from the second half of 2020 | Ilmari Lauhakangas

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It would be great (for me) if someone revived this weechat PR for home-manager and made it easy to use and configure plugins like weechat-matrix there.

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It would be especially nice if the Matrix IRC bridge to Libera.Chat learned to make use of IRCv3 CAPs like multiline to improve the quality of the Matrix/IRC integration in the future.

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fwiw this is currently maintained and usable with a home-manager config like:

{ pkgs, ... }: let
  url = ""; # also available as NUR.arc, no flakes sorry :<
  arcChannel = builtins.fetchTarball { inherit url; }; # pin or use a channel import instead as needed
  arc = import arcChannel { inherit pkgs; }; # only needed if you want to pull in deps from my repo
in {
  imports = [
    (arcChannel + "/modules/home/weechat.nix")
    # alternatively: arc.modules.home-manager.weechat
  config.programs.weechat = {
    enable = true;
    plugins.python = {
      enable = true;
      packages = [ "weechat-matrix" ]; # maybe optional if the plugin has pythonpath embedded?
    scripts = [
      # alternatively: arc.packages.groups.weechatScripts.weechat-matrix or arc.pkgs.weechatScripts.weechat-matrix (same difference)
    # optional: pythonPackages = arc.pkgs.python3Packages;

(and maybe see my personal config for examples)


this is a terrible idea. Matrix is HUGELY complicated and has failed as software goals. The config file for a hosted matrix instance is 2000+ lines. Not to mention, this article about “both sides” of the debate:

Joining with XMPP (to MUC via the matrix bifröst bridge) seems to work


I think the shortcomings of synapse are relatively well known, but there is hope for the future with dendrite.


The config file for a hosted matrix instance is 2000+ lines.

That’s just wrong, at least when using NixOS. I’m comfortably hosting my own matrix-synapse instance, using the configuration listed in the NixOS manual.

Some of the bridges, on the other hand, have complex configurations, though not thousands of lines. Looking at you matrix-appservice-irc.


synapse/sample_config.yaml at 56667733419ebf070f1a7f7c9a04070f1b944572 · matrix-org/synapse · GitHub 2933 lines of “examples”

Ive managed a synapse for over a year now, and its so unnecessarily complex.

Well, no. 58 lines of examples, 292 empty lines, 606 effectively empty lines, and 1977 lines of docs.


And it specifically says at the top:

# It is *not* intended to be copied and used as the basis for a real
# homeserver.yaml. Instead, if you are starting from scratch, please generate
# a fresh config using Synapse by following the instructions in

Ohhhhhh only 2000 lines of documentation, I’m sorry. Guess i’m wrong and matrix is not complex at all.

Quickstart is way shorter, of course, and I mean the total for a homeserver and a bridge together. Reference documentation for the bridge configuration, often more detailed than minimally necessary (which is actually good) is of course longer. Lack of such documentation for Nixpkgs lib makes Nixpkgs manual shorter, but does not make Nixpkgs simpler.

Matrix is complex. It also achieves things email doesn’t fully achieve and nothing else tries. Still could be less inefficient.

But citing the length of reference documentation of some component as if it was the expected length of configuration is not a good argument for any claim, not even for a true one.

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