Kernel 6.9.3: Issues with bluetooth

I reported this bug to bugzilla. Folks can read details there: 218958 – Kernel 6.9.3: Broke bluetooth controller with audio streaming between two PCs

Downgrading to 6.8.12 fixed it. Feel free to share any thoughts. I’m hoping it gets fixed soon, or before 6.10 comes out in September.

Just two questions:

  1. Are you sure that is just the kernel and nothing else?
  2. Which bluetooth controller are you referring to? Did you try another bluetooth controller?

I spent the last few hours toying with it, and realized it wasn’t the kernel. It’s just difficult using bluetooth pairing between PCs, but I now understand the quirks.

I’ll be retracting this post and my bugzilla report.

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For what it’s worth, what I learned is that when pairing two PCs to connect via bluetooth, at least for KDE Plasma, the PC that requests to connect to the other PC via bluetooth becomes the “receiver.” The receiver PC will be playing the audio from the other PC that will be transmitting.

In GNOME, it was the opposite: the PC that requests to connect will be the same PC to send audio.

So, I don’t know if it’s a difference from the DE, or if the bluetooth protocol changed over time. But at least I know how to connect audio, and determine what device is transmitting audio, and what device is receiving audio.