Konsole configuration dumpster fire

I just downloaded the most recent ISO for Plasma and installed it under VirtualBox.

Try this:

Start Konsole

Open Settings

Manage Profiles

Create a new profile, set it as default.

Close app, restart … and there’s only the built in profile.

Spend 15 to 30 minutes poking at this problem.

Maybe it’s something else that’s supposed to go in a magical declarative declaration file thingy. Google results show answers to problems I don’t have and refer to utilities that are not included in the current version of the OS.

Dink with it some more.

And suddenly the creation of a new profile has stuck. Is this because I have a section in /etc/nixos/configuration.nix for the profile? Nope, I move on to doing other stuff and nixos-rebuild switch fails because it’s there.

So I’ve faced this a couple times now as I’ve just started using NixOS, it’s reproducible, but fixing it? shrug

Theoretically it should be easier/more stable to use a system configured in a declarative fashion. In practice things that take sixty seconds on other Linux distros require an hour or two with Google and ChatGPT.

And that is NOT a benefit …