Label PRs made by bots?

Hi all bot authors,

There are a lot of PRs (and issues) created by bots for nixpkgs on GitHub. Can those who work on them please add a label identifying them as such (e.g. label: “by-bot”?). Although bots are very useful, I prefer reviewing/merging PRs made by humans first.

Best regards,
Bjørn Forsman


I think for the bot mark we need to agree on a short title prefix. If a bot just makes PRs, it is better if it has no special privileges. Also, if setting a title fails, probably the entire PR submission fails; and label-setting can and will break because GitHub API changes all the time.

Good points.

Perhaps there could be a labelling bot that has a list of account names that it knows are bots and labels the PRs/issues asynchronously?

Btw, I just learned about the GitHub search syntax -author:r-ryantm (yep, I’m pretty late to the party…), so this is 90% solved for me already :smile:

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I can confirm that 100% of the PRs made by the user r-ryantm are automated bot PRs.

Also, r-ryantm is unprivileged so it cannot label PRs, as @7c6f434c expected.

I expect making ofborg label these kind of PRs based on the author name would be acceptable.