Laptop battery drains while off


I usually keep my NixOS machine plugged in before going somewhere so I never noticed until now that for some reason my battery is continuing to discharge even while powered off.

Would anyone know why this is, or have a simple fix?

It probably matters a lot what hardware you have and how you configure things.

Most Linux and Windows laptops perform much worse than Apple products on this metric.

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Yeah, overall when it’s being used it’s what I would expect. It’s the HP Dev One, with all original specs.

The problem is less about how the battery performs, it’s about it mysteriously discharging even when powered off!


one possible cause could be that the usb ports are still powered when the laptop is powered off.
In the BIOS you can disable it, this option is usualy referred to as “USB charging”.


Another potential quick fix is upgrading to a newer kernel. Device support is improved with each release.