Latest update killed all gnome plugins

Woke up my NixOS box (version NixOS 21.11 (Porcupine); Build ID: 21.11.337496.79385ae0aac with Gnome 41.1) just now and found that it had updated (I have auto-updates turned on). Logged in and started opening windows and the screen freaked out; rapid flickers around window edges and dozens of cursors appeared. Force rebooted and that didn’t happen again but now all my gnome extensions (desktop switcher, temp monitor, network speed monitor, etc) have disappeared. I thought I had a program installed to handle Gnome extensions too but now I can’t find it.

Anyone else having troubles with the latest updates? And isn’t there a GUI app for installing Gnome extensions? Google doesn’t seem very helpful here.

Ah okay. The program is just called “Extensions” and for some reason all extensions had been disabled. Turned them back on and everything showed back up. So problem solved! Oh, also, I guess the update cron job hadn’t updated everything… had to finish the updates in the Software app.

From experience, I think GNOME Shell automatically disables all extensions if there’s an unclean exit. Mine occasionally crashes upon login (haven’t investigated it) and in the next session I have to re-enable all the extensions.