Lead DevOps Engineer opening with DeversiFi

Hello Nix Community!

Here at DeversiFi we currently have an opening for a Lead DevOps Engineer.

Hitherto our Architecture and DevOps capabilities have been handled by the same small group of people. We now wish to create a distinct function within the business focused entirely on optimising how we deploy code as well as optimise and manage our infrastructure.
We are looking for a Lead DevOps who will report directly to the CTO and be responsible for our infrastructure, operations, monitoring and alerting facilities and processes.
The role involves taking complete ownership of the DevOps function, building on the initial foundation and extending to ensure tech functions have the most friction free way of delivering changes between testing and production environments. In addition to delivery, our strong focus is observability and monitoring of our services to ensure we are able to provide the most robust service to our users.

  • We are looking for someone who is highly experienced in deploying and managing apps / services hosted on Google Cloud Platform (ideally) or AWS.

  • Someone who is highly knowledgeable in the operation, scaling and management of Kubernetes clusters.

  • We take an Infrastructure as Code approach with Immutable Infrastructure and GitOps concepts, utilising tools like Terraform and ArgoCD. We also rely heavily on Nix for management of development environments, static configuration and CI\CD pipelines. Knowledge of these is strongly desirable.

Please contact me on yana.arif@deversifi.com if you would like to learn more. Thank you!

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