Login managers for swayfx

Curious. What login managers do people find worked best “out of the box” with sway (Swayfx more specifically)?

But none of them seem to work quite right with how I have configured them, or the sample code I pulled.

  • sddm requires I login twice
  • greetd with gtkgreet will not see the proper command, and I have to manually enter the command
  • lightdm will not see the Swayfx session no matter what I do to start sway
  • greetd is the closest with tuigreet. But doesn’t unlock my gnome keyring (most do not). Even with the Pam service setting, etc. plus the screen ends up with boot output all over it, username characters duplicating on first entry, etc.

(Will edit and add photos, mobile will not allow upload for some reason).

Thanks all.

Consider using separate ttys for boot log and greetd. Here’s my config with an example.

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Please check their configuration files. I don’t use gtkgreet anymore, but I remember being able to configure the default commands.

I just tried this, and I still have the boot text scrambled all over the screen. The more I think about it, where I think the issue is… Is that I have an ultra wide monitor. And I’m wondering if the console width is a factor.

Thanks for the suggestion. I’ve been trying a number of different configurations, and looking at other peoples code. I just haven’t found the magical combination that seems to work. I’ll keep looking though.

Small update. I seem to have predominantly gotten regreeter working decently.

The biggest thing I need to figure out is why my key ring isn’t being unlocked on login. Once I finish the reboot and build on my tower, I’ll post some code for confirmation. Or does the group feel that that’s better served in a new thread?

Thank you.