Looking for some fun freelance assignment

Hi! After a few months’ break I’m starting to look for new freelance opportunities. Instead of just calling around to my regular contacts I thought I’d check here in case you happen to have some interesting Nix related project for me to work on :slightly_smiling_face:

I suppose I’m most well known for creating/maintaining Home Manager but I would say I have a good general understanding of Nix and its ecosystem. So, I think I could positively contribute to any organization that want to leverage Nix to do cool things. Most assignments are of interest but at the moment I’m especially intrigued by reproducible computations, e.g., in a high performance or research setting, so would love to do something in that area.

Professionally I have mostly worked as a programmer (from research software, compilers, enterprise SMS messaging software, to full-stack web development) but have done a decent amount of DevOps type tasks as well. Nothing explicitly Nix focused, although I’ve left a small trail of Nixyness in most places I’ve worked. Total about 12 years professional experience, not counting the years I spent doing a PhD in CS.

I’m only looking for fully remote assignments and until end of year I can only dedicate 2–3 days per week. The fee can be discussed based on contract length and job interestingness but I would expect something reasonable for somebody based in Sweden.


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