Lutris cannot find Vulkan

Hello! New NixOS user here.
I intend to use NixOS mostly for work but I also want to play games occasionally without having to have Windows installed. Steam seems to work fine out of the box but I wanted to try Battlefield V, which is supposed to work with Lutris and DXVK. Lutris installs just fine after adding it to system packages but it complains about not finding Vulkan even though I have vulkan-loader and vulkan-tools also in system packages (and yes, I have a vulkan capable gpu from nvidia and the nvidia drivers are in use). Am I missing a step, is there something else I need to do?

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You are not the only one but it is just cosmetic issue : see this bug. I copy the last message for completeness sake :

That error message is just a cosmetic problem. Lutris tries to find the system’s Vulcan drivers (and can’t). The game runners it uses to start games – like WINE --, however, do find those drivers and work okay in my experience.

I suspected this might be the case but I wanted to ask first before waiting for a really long download just to see it fail. Thank you!