Make Nix code discoverable for the next gen GitHub search

The GitHub Search feature FAQ states

Symbol extraction is supported for C#, Python, Go, Java, JavaScript, TypeScript, PHP, Protocol Buffers, Ruby, and Rust. We’re working on adding more. If you’re interested in contributing language support, we use the open source Tree-sitter parser ecosystem. If you can add Tree-sitter support for your language, we can probably support it!

It’d be super helpful to allow good Nix search on GitHub since most Nix is on GitHub.

There is already GitHub - cstrahan/tree-sitter-nix: Nix grammar for tree-sitter

@cstrahan : it could probably benefit from becoming an “official” package in the NixOS org, to be then used by GitHub team?


Arguably most tree-sitter grammars aren’t in their parent orgs, maybe we should petition it be adopted by the tree-sitter org?

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Would be great!

Is anyone willing to take this? I don’t have the bandwith at the moment.

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