Marketing Team Meeting Minutes #14

Hi all,

last week we met for a quick meeting. While we are busy with finishing the website we found some time to discuss few other things.

Again there is no recording since instance’s recording is not working. I hope to sort this out soon, if somebody has any tips let me know in the worse case we will use google hangout.

This is what we discussed:

  • @davidak announced that for next 6 months he will take a break from the Marketing team. While still helping occasionally he wont time to participate the meetings. I would like to thank him for all the work he put in the marketing efforts.

  • Since 20.09 release is just around a corner the Marketing team will be accepting new members for next 6 months. The announcement with all the details we’ll be out shortly.

  • Calendar will be added to the site where we will try to gather all the events and different team meetings.

  • We talked on the status of the redesign. Many improvements were requested/suggested and many fixes send our way. There are few pull requests open for each page (Download page, Learn page, Community page, Governance page, Donate page) and work is being done actively. We expects majority of the work to be done by the next meeting.

Thank you for all (good and bad) the feedback we received for the redesign. We are currently focusing on finishing what we started with the redesign and some suggestions will have to wait until we are done.

Personally I’m excited with the progress and I’m already looking forward what we can do in next 2 weeks.


You are doing an awesome work! Thank you very much.


The announcement for Accepting new members to the Marketing team.