Marketing Team - Upcoming Event Opportunities [Help Wanted]

Upcoming Nix Events

We are kicking off an initiative under the Nix Marketing Team to help get community members to represent Nix at various events across the world!

We’re looking to get more formal spots at these events such as devrooms, booths, tables, etc. If anybody’s interested, please reach out to Rok, Bryan, Tom or I and help represent Nix.
We’ve set up two events already and will be looking to do more events throughout this year and next – please let us know if there’s an event where you’d like to see Nix represented and we can also try to reach out as the Foundation/Board!

Two Key Upcoming Events:

SOOCON - State of Open Convention - London, February 7 - 8

Event Site - Homepage - State of Open Conference 23

Venue - Queen Elizabeth II Centre, Parliament Square, London

It’s the first year for the event but expecting it to be rather large and solely focused on open source.

We have a table and tickets to attend and have room for at least two more folks that can come help. @tomberek, @limeytexan and I will also be there.

SCALE - SoCal Linux Expo 20th Anniversary - Pasadena, California, March 9 - 12

Event Site - | 20x (

Venue - Pasadena Convention Center 300 E Green St, Pasadena, CA 91101

The 20th anniversary for one of the larger Linux events coincides with 20 years of Nix. We have a table/booth there and have room for at least two more folks as well that can come help. A few of us are already planning to be there (@nixinator, @matthewcroughan , me). @matthewcroughan is doing a Nix talk!

@garbas / @jurraca / @tomberek / @bjth


Hi @ron,

I’m based in the UK and would love to join you at SOOCON next week and help out. We are connected on Matrix now but wanted to post here by way of introduction as I’m interested in helping the Marketing Team in general.

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:partying_face: Great! Working on getting us more tickets
Excited to meet up soon!

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Bringing this topic up again, SCALE is coming up and I want to see who else wants to join us in representing Nix!

Hosted by Flying Circus.