Marking a package broken for certain platforms

slic3r-prusa3d doesn’t build correctly on aarch64 (i.e. slic3r-prusa3d: 1.40.1 -> 1.41.0 by Moredread · Pull Request #44077 · NixOS/nixpkgs · GitHub). As I have not yet setup NixOS on my RasPI yet, I can’t debug that issue at the moment. Is there a way to mark the package as broken on aarch64-linux?

Setting platforms = subtractLists ["aarch64-linux"] platforms.linux; doesn’t prevent GrahamcOfBorg to build it, so I guess platforms isn’t used for filtering packages for other architectures.

Do you want access to the community box? GitHub - NixOS/aarch64-build-box: Config for the Community aarch64 NixOS box [maintainer=@grahamc] (see the readme)

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Great idea! I’ll make a PR asap.

The answer to the original question still interests me though if anyone has an idea.

i think you should try:

broken = stdenv.hostPlatform.isAarch64;