[meta] Add meeting-notes category

We have a few groups posting regular meeting notes:

  • Documentation team
    • And its sub-group Learning Group WG
  • Nix Team
  • Tweags
  • … ?

For at least some of these groups, posting on Discourse is the official way they make their meeting notes archive available, and as a user (and occasionally member) I sometimes need to go back and find all the previous meeting notes of a certain team, listed chronologically.

I can use the search feature, e.g. “documentation notes”, but it doesn’t sort results by date by default in the quick view (I need to go to the extended search view, toggle advanced filters, etc).

So I’m proposing we add a “meeting-notes” category (the name is provisional, feel free to propose a different one), and hopefully those teams will start using it.

This way, people could even subscribe to a certain team’s meeting notes via RSS, and anyway access them through a simple URL like this one, or clicking the label link at the top of any post, and see the results sorted chronologically by default.

PS: If this is accepted, I’d be happy to go back and add the label to at least the documentation team meeting notes, if given enough permissions to do so.


I‘m generally in favor of more structure, we just have to be careful with not imposing too much bureaucracy. More categories also makes more navigation items. Currently there is barely any traffic in each of the teams‘ categories, so probably there is little point in changing labels. There are search queries for the meeting notes already.

Maybe we can just codify the convention of using predictable thread titles and providing search queries in a visible place. Moderators could help with that, for example by putting the queries in the sticky posts.

That seems to be the only problem, and it can be fixed with an adequate search as @fricklerhandwerk suggested, e.g. here’s the doc team meetings in a time range, sorted reverse chronologically.

So I don’t think we need this

There’s also RSS, of which I would be a user.

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