Minimal ISO for 64-bit is inconsistent with SHA-256 sum?

The Minimal ISO for 64-bit on the NixOS downloads page currently links to nixos-minimal-22.05.2444.d816f474aa7-x86_64-linux.iso.

The SHA-256 link next to the download button gives me this content, which is a different filename:

165ea1c844113d38067b25d0281a6980f85be3297156ac9530a95be7b8cdeb36  nixos-minimal-22.05.2568.9b9f4bb4e11-x86_64-linux.iso

The ISO download and the SHA-256 checksum being out of sync is making me suspicious something is wrong here…

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I just checked and see the correct filename in the sha256 file. Could this be a problem caused by your browser cache or maybe a cdn cache?

Hm, that’s the reason given here too: SHA256 sum for minimal 64-bit ISO is out of date

I guess I was just unlucky.

You don’t have to be all that unlucky, actually. The ISOs are updated roughly daily as I recall. Much more often than most distros.

I wonder if there is a way to set the cache time-to-live for the sha file. That could be an easy fix.

A harder fix would be to make the filename change with every file update. That would require rebuilding the web page every time.