Minimal set of NixOS modules



during last NixCon in London someone (Eelco?) came up with a minimal set of NixOS modules for a working base system. The context of that discussion was how to minimize evaluation time by excluding unnecessary modules.

Does anyone know where to find this list?



I just stumbled upon [RFC 0022] Minimal module list which links to a “minimal” module list:

The “minimal” configuration replaces module-list.nix with a smaller list. (This list can be reduced a bit further by eliminating some unnecessary module dependencies, e.g. hardware/opengl.nix and services/networking/dnsmasq.nix are unnecessary. On the other hand, some modules that are not needed to evaluate the configuration but that are needed to get a workable system are probably missing.)

I assume this is what you’re looking for.


Yes, exactly. Thank you :slight_smile: