minimumOCamlVersion and minimalOCamlVersion

What are minimumOCamlVersion and minimalOCamlVersion in nixpkgs? How do they differ?

The manual mentions only minimalOCamlVersion:

It defines an (optional) attribute minimalOCamlVersion that will be used to throw a descriptive evaluation error if building with an older OCaml is attempted.

I think minimumOCamlVersion was considered inaccurate wording at some point (probably there is a discussion about this someone could dig up) and buildDunePackage started accepting both. minimalOCamlVersion is the proper argument and should be used going forwards.

To make the situation clearer, we probably should clean up remaining instances of minimumOCamlVersion and add a deprecation warning for it.

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It might be worth adding a line in the documentation to warn about the old spelling.

See the PR below for a fix.