Missing override attribute in gnupg?

The Home Manager Travis-CI Linux job (using language: nix) recently started failing with the error

error: attribute ‘override’ missing, at /nix/store/vywpald3vs5lgrcrlzbfb6cz7hskj4ii-nixpkgs-20.03pre203598.f97746ba272/nixpkgs/pkgs/os-specific/linux/systemd/default.nix:18:21

which points to the code block

gnupg-minimal = gnupg.override {
  enableMinimal = true;
  guiSupport = false;
  pcsclite = null;
  sqlite = null;
  pinentry = null;
  adns = null;
  gnutls = null;
  libusb = null;
  openldap = null;
  readline = null;
  zlib = null;
  bzip2 = null;

which doesn’t seem to have changed recently. Anybody know off-hand what’s going on?

The error in the Travis-CI log: Travis CI - Test and Deploy Your Code with Confidence

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Nevermind! All my fault, I had added an overlay that overrode the gnupg package with a dummy one to avoid some binary cache downloads in a HM test and now I paid for this hack :grimacing: