Modularity in the age of antisocial Shell (part 1 of 3)

This may feel a little out of place, but the 2nd post in this series will make the case that Nix (with help from resholve) is well on its way to being the missing comprehensive package manager for Shell.


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Interesting reading!
And another thing also interests me at the end of reading: have you published the source code of your personal site on the net? I’m particularly attracted by the MUD part.

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Not yet, sorry :diving_mask:

I roughly intend to publish the MUD ~engine–and I did abstract it into layers with this aim in mind–but I got something a little off, there. I haven’t reflected enough to know what, so it’ll take a little work to figure it out and then tease apart some places where the MUD ~engine and my site’s assumptions/gags have bled together. It’s also backed up behind ironing out some bugs and UX annoyances.

I’ll try to chew on names for it, though. If I can name it, I can create a repo that you can watch…

You can watch abathur/roomstead.