Mounting NTFS removable disks results in errors (udisks2, NTFS3)

When trying to mount an NTFS removable disk, the following error is encountered:

Filesystem type ntfs3,ntfs not configured in kernel

This seems to be related to this issue.

However, there is no way to write mount_options.conf using the builtin NixOS modules.

For those Googling here, here is a temporary solution:

environment.etc."udisks2/mount_options.conf".text = ''                                                                                                               

Then for good measure, manually restart udisks2 with sudo systemctl restart udisks2.

However, while this solution does work, it’s not ideal for a few obvious reasons, like the fact that udisks2 does not automatically restart. Should the udisks2 NixOS module be extended to provide configuration options for mount_options.conf? Presumably this issue will eventually be fixed in upstream software (maybe Dolphin/Kio in this case?) but maybe having these options would be useful anyways? Or perhaps I am blind and there is already a better solution?