My Config didn't apply correct, but no Error

I organize my configurations and my home-manager configuration in a folder, with much subdirectories and via a flake, I get all applied, in the last time everything works fine, but now if I change anything in my packages under home/bella the changes didn’t get applied, but nixos builds the home-manager path new and I didn’t get any Error, I don’t know what is wrong. Here is a Link to my configuration files: Proton Drive

Forgot to say, that I use the unstable branch of NixOS

What command are you running exactly?

What do you mean “changes didn’t get applied”? When you add files with xdg.configFiles, are those not created? Or does it look like the package versions don’t update?

Can you check whether the configuration was even built and whether its output hash is different from the one before the changes?

I use this command to rebuild sudo nixos-rebuild —impure —flake .#bella switch

I get a new generation on the systemd boot entry’s, but I don‘t know what you mean exactly with the hash, it seems like that some changes are applied and some not, for example I changed something under home/bella/graphical/wms/hyprland/default.nix and this got applied and I added a package in home/bella/dev/packages.nix but this package wasn‘t installed after rebuild and if I add new fonts in home/bella/system/fonts/default.nix there aren‘t available too

Please check whether all files are added to git!

Found the Error, it was the lines about qt in the thmes/gtk.nix, removed this two lines and now everything works again

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You mean these?

   qt.enable = true;
   qt.platformTheme = "qtct";

I guess you have an older version of nixpkgs pinned? The qtct value doesn’t exist on the latest version, only qt5ct does.

Yeah I meant these 2 Lines