Need help for nixOS syntax and little more

I want to use the option service.locate.prunePathsdefaults” with the defaults list, which can be found here:. =>

What I have to write in /etc/nixos/configuration.nix?

service.locate.prunePath or

service.locate.punePath = “default” ? (Didn’t work …)

What I have to use, if I want to work with default list?

Thanks for help :slight_smile:

Hey, you don’t have to write it at all if you want the default list. if you don’t specify the property prunePath it will take the default value.


in the default list is among other things the directory “/nix/store/”.

When running

sudo updatedb

it failed with:

Why sudo updatedb goes to /nix/store ?


It does not go to /nix/store. This is the path to your find binary. The error you see is that you don’t have the permissions on /run/user/1000/{doc,gvfs} It’s basically an error message from find.

So I should also look at the options from find and search here for the negative list /nix/store so that mlocate does not search in /nix/store?

No, you have to exclude the runtime folders from the error message from creating the database. Or just live with the error appearing during the update…