Need help with Active Directory, sssd and gdm

I joined a domain and I’m able to login using ssh but not with gdm.

Note that when I log in with ssh the prompt says that I have no name and I can’t use chmod and other commands with my domain user name unless I add sssd’s path in LD_LIBRARY_PATH.

I think I need to modify the gdm files in /etc/pam.d but I have no idea how those files work. I tried to copy login to gdm and gdm-password but I got errors like:
aoû 14 11:45:24 nixos gdm-password][1146]: pam_systemd(gdm-password:session): Failed to create session: No such file or directory

I think I might also need to update gdm’s LD_LIBRARY_PATH.

Anyone has an idea? Do I need to change every gdm files in pam.d? gdm, gdm-launch-environment and gdm-password. I guess I don’t need to care about gdm-autologin.

Was this ever solved?

I didn’t try again.

wow. 5 years already.