Need job security? Work for the Internet!

hello all,

the scope of this is not Nix or NixOS, so feel free to forward this message to others who are in need of a (tech) job as well.

The current health crisis is making it hard for some of us to get/keep a job. If you are in this position: have you thought about working for the Internet? If you have good ideas in the context of privacy enhancing technologies or search and discovery there are funds available through the Next Generation Initiative from NLnet Foundation.

Basically it works like this:

  • submit an idea for free software solutions to a problem in the space of search and discovery or privacy enhancing technologies. This does not have to be related to Nix or NixOS (although you will be asked to package it with Nix).
  • wait for it to be accepted (or rejected, that also happens, so you should make it a good idea)
  • work on your program and send payment requests after completing milestones

More information:

Note: the next deadline is June 1 and it will take some time to process all the submissions.