Needed: ad-hoc consult, mentor, pair

Hello, Im trying to adopt nix and would like help getting up to speed and avoiding wrong directions: responsive Q&A, guidance with the understanding/context of my goals, perhaps a pair session here or there.

My primary goal is to create reproducible dev and ci envs with elegant dx. I tend to use a shared git repo for neighboring components - most are node/typescript and Im ocaml/rust/haskell curious. Also interested in terranix to escape some terraform pains.

I dont really like gitops and want to ship hermetical sealed artifacts but the app code is often not enough. Shipping flakes may help realize.


Hey Tom, happy to have a chat and to learn more about your context. What’s the best way to connect?


I’ve done a fair amount of Office Hours and appreciate the clear + purposeful request. Feel free to put something on my Calendar | Easily Schedule Meetings and Connect Calendars

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Without claiming augural capabilities, the use case smells a bit like GitHub - divnix/std: The Nix Flakes framework for perfectionists with deadlines [maintainer=@blaggacao]. Not because you mention flakes, but because I see a devops use case between the lines (i.e. dx).

And GitHub - divnix/std-action: A GitHub Action collection for Standard. For the CI with good dx.

A word of warning, though. While it may provide a fit for your (presumed) goals, it’s not an easy ride.

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divnix/std does look applicable - thanks for sharing it.

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