Networkd Sprint 2019-11-23/24 in Munich

Sorry, I should’ve posted that earlier. I will update the post above, too. We will open the office at around 10:00 CET and have some breakfast available. We will also already start the video conference and see how it goes.

Since we have people arriving at around 11:00 CET, the first session/planning will begin at 12:00 CET / 11:00 UTC.

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I’m planning to join you in Munich tomorrow and on Sunday.

We will have this video conference open at all times if anybody wants to join.

(Sorry about the company plug in the room name, we have a paid whereby account with fixed channel names. The alternatives we tried didn’t work as good as whereby.)

We’re currently discussing & hacking. Remote participants still welcome.

I’d like to sum up some points we’ve come up with so far:

  • We will have two networking backends: the old scripted and the new networkd-based one. At least for the following release, both of them will be supported. In 20.09, we will switch the default.
  • The networking.* name space should be cleaned up so that it contains only options for core networking. Stuff on top like connman, networkmanager, or ssmtp should be moved to services.* or services.networking.*.
  • What remains in networking.* should be implemented by both backends.
  • Each backend may define specific options which allow to make use of the individual strengths.

@fpletz, @flokli and @andir are currently figuring out what the new layout could look like. They will present their findings to the broader community.


Friendly ping.

Has this been published somewhere?


There was this pad being shared during the sprint - not sure how much of it was done as I wasn’t present.

Looking forward to a report! :wink:

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Has there been any progress on these points?

@asymmetric I’ve not been directly involved. @fpletz / @flokli / @andir any news on this?

I tried to do a writeup with @fpletz some moths ago, but apparently we were both stuck into many different other things. I’ll try to get back to him and get this report published. Sorry for the radio silence.