New design

Just joining the “thank you guys” team to make it easier to start the nix/nixos experience.


In their defense, nix and nixpkgs can be extended to cover almost every scenario in computing.

I think having the “landing” pages have a high-level overview of everything just serves to peak peoples interest. Having more topic specific pages can be added later.

And I think it’s a marked improvement over the last design.

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I really like the new landing page, it is much better at winning new users over than the previous one. I only dislike the use of green colour in the headings. I think this might contribute to the perceived “Toys R Us look”.

I used to go to the landing page quite often to search for the manuals, or the options, but it’s silly if one has to go to the landing page for these. These should be discoverable some other way. Perhaps from the Learn subpage?

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The manuals are linked from the Learn page, you have to click the “More…” button.


Just to know, what has been of NixOps? The site seemed like the only easy way to access the NixOps manual, even if it was a bit outdated


I guess the confusion means that it is better to rename it, at least on screens wide enough to fit «Full manual…» instead.


This looks awesome!

I totally agree that this page should be for the new users interested in NixOS. I wish some time in the future to be using NixOS also at work as well. I think showing what NixOS can do in such a short snap of time will make it easier to get the attention needed to do an introduction. Also the solid first impression given by the new landing page helps a lot in this regard.

I am very grateful for the work done by the marketing team. Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

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Wanted to chime in and say that I too love the new design! It’s an amazing upgrade from the previous version, this is a landing page I can actually link to friends and colleagues who don’t know what Nix(OS) is. My only feedback is that I wish the Features page wasn’t a long two column block of text and that the buttons on the landing page get a hover/pressed indication (same with the menu on mobile). Huge thanks to the marketing team for overhauling the website and search, I love it.

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@garbas & Team! Thank you! The site feels good!

By the way, thanks for the already-applied fixes based on this discussion!

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I’ve had a gander and it’s very nice. A lot more approachable for people who are new and interested to learn more.

I find the bright green hard to read, especially on the community page where a lot of it is on a white background.
According to contrastchecker it doesn’t pass any Web Content Accessibility Guidelines

The bright green on the blue from the homepage has a better ratio but only passes 1 guideline

I think that the asciinema videos are fantastic.
I find clicking on the thumbnail and then it opening elsewhere to be a bit weird but not sure there is a better way to do things.
They might benefit from some shell syntax highlighting & the use of bat -n in place of cat -n as I think the highlighting will make the nix a lot more approachable (can always have it aliased to avoid confusing people who haven’t heard of bat)


I think this is all heading in the right direction for attracting new users. Had this been in place a year ago as I started to learn nix I think I would have found the whole "getting started” experience easier.

@azazel75 has a good question in this respect:


At the risk of being controversial, I would oppose to (prominently) re-expose nix-ops. In my personal experience it was outdated code (python2.7) broken and unusable (stateful). I’d hope the community would evolve around stateless approaches such as morph or nixus.


Latest version is running with python 3 according to the issue tracker

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I’d quite appreciate an overview that’d compare and contrast different ways of deploying nix- and nixos-based images, rather than focusing specifically on NixOps (which indeed is just one option/approach).

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that’s just the nixops package on nixos/nixpkgs. The repo has been python3 only for a while.

I want to invite everyone in this thread to listen to @garbas 's talk at nixcon about the marketing efforts:

It looks like he’s bringing home some very crucial strategic points! :+1:

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New from the Nixos Marketing Dept.

Your Very own Nixos on CD.

Get back to 2006 fun times with this swish CD, featuring all your favourite shareware on one disc.

Order now, to guarantee delivery before xmas. Don’t forget to tell us your nixpkgs commit revision, so we know what to build for you.

Hours of endless fun, and if your feeling the heat and want to go back to ubuntu, doubles up as a great bird frightener … …

Coming soon, Hydra on your very own Punched tape card…


@nixinator Would it be a good idea to produce a nix IoT button that people can install on their nixos, that when switched on, they would share idle resources for hydra builds, when switched off, they don’t. Kind of a mix between marketing swag and useful resouce sharing… Just an idea, so don’t shoot at me :wink:

Another (configurable) led screen indicator could show (by default) the package names that recently got a PR and where I’m a maintainer…

And when one of my PR gets merged, it plays the nix jingle :wink:

For ofBorg with auto-building PRs on Linux, there was a discussion that malicious PR’s might have unsafe fixed-output derivations (and also of course having large fleet of donated compute makes coordination harder)

For Hydra there will be the opposite question of risk of producing known-tampered builds…